About Us

When I was a boy, my father was a police officer. So I often saw him sit down at the kitchen table, where he would strip his service pistol. Even though I was really young, I became fascinated by the procedure and eventually took to sitting beside him while he went through the zen-like motions. Eventually, I worked up the courage to ask why he bothered cleaning the gun in the first place.

I’ll never forget how important he said cleaning his gun was. I remember him saying specifically that he needed to clean his gun so you could rely on it when the time came. “A gun is just a tool,” he said. “It only works as well as you maintain it.” I’ve never heard true advice even though I’ve lived through several more decades since.

It’s perhaps no surprise that I grew up being a gun nut myself. Pistols, rifles, and shotguns all have roles in my armory and I take them out regularly to the range when I go shooting with my friends or on hunts (depending on the season). But no matter how many guns I own, I always clean them regularly and thoroughly.

To my dismay, I quickly learned that most people hadn’t been given such an important talk with their fathers when they were kids. In fact, way too many people buy guns and hardly give a thought to cleaning them even after multiple uses. They simply don’t know that if you don’t clean your gun, you’re raising the risk of it misfiring or malfunctioning in some other way.

Now that I have my own children, I understand the need for gun safety more than many other gun owners. After all, being a responsible gun owner doesn’t just mean observing good safety practices when you’re on the gun range. It also means observing gun safety practices when your weapons are back at home on the kitchen table, ready to be cleaned and maintained.

So I decided to start this website, Smart Gun Cleaning, in order to provide a helpful resource for people who may not have had a police officer father who could show them the ropes about gun cleaning.

My goal is simple and straightforward: provide detailed guides for every step in the gun cleaning process for rifles, pistols, and shotguns. While my site is still growing, the idea is that it’ll eventually become the go-to resource for gun cleaning guides and tips.

Gun cleaning has a reputation for being boring, monotonous work that takes forever. In my opinion, so long as you clean your guns smartly, this necessary task shouldn’t take too long and you’ll gain a better appreciation for how your firearms work as a result.

If you’re already here, why not drop me a line and ask about anything on your mind? Let me know what you think of the guides so far and if you have any suggestions for cleaning strategies or tips you want me to cover in the future. Thanks for visiting!