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Gun Bore Brush Review


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Maintaining the optimal performance and longevity of your firearms is a responsibility that every gun owner takes seriously. Central to this task is the regular cleaning and maintenance of the gun’s bore, where residue and debris can accumulate over time and affect accuracy and reliability. With numerous options available on the market, choosing the right bore brush for your specific needs can be a daunting task. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into two popular choices: the Raiseek 13 Pieces Bristle Gun Cleaning Bore Brush and the Tipton Bore Brush Set 13-Piece Rifle.

As avid gun enthusiasts, we understand the importance of investing in high-quality cleaning tools that offer efficient and reliable performance. To provide you with an unbiased assessment, we meticulously tested and evaluated these two bore brush sets, considering factors such as design, durability, bristle quality, compatibility, and overall effectiveness.

Our goal with this review is to equip you with the necessary information to make an informed decision when selecting a bore brush set for your firearm maintenance routine. Whether you are an experienced shooter or a beginner looking for reliable cleaning tools, read on to discover the features, pros, and cons of the Raiseek 13 Pieces Bristle Gun Cleaning Bore Brush and the Tipton Bore Brush Set 13-Piece Rifle.

Raiseek 13 Pieces Bristle Gun Cleaning Bore Brush


Hi there gun lovers! Are you looking for a reliable gun cleaning brush set? I’m here to help. In this review about the Raiseek 13 Pieces Bristle Gun Cleaning Bore Brush, I’ll discuss how they perform, the quality of the brushes, and the price-to-value ratio. Keep reading to learn why this set is worth considering for your gun cleaning needs.

Pros and Cons


  • Provides gun owners with an effective and efficient way to clean their firearms.
  • The 13-piece set includes a variety of bore brushes that can be used to clean firearms of all calibers.
  • The brushes have nylon bristles that are specifically designed to remove dirt and debris from gun barrels.
  • The brushes are housed in an organized storage box, making it easy to store and transport them.


  • The brushes may not be suitable for all gun cleaning applications.
  • The brushes may be too soft for some applications, requiring the use of a more aggressive brush.
  • Users should exercise caution when using the brushes, as improper use may damage the gun barrel.

Quick Verdict

We think the Raiseek 13 Pieces Bristle Gun Cleaning Bore Brush is a great buy. It comes with 13 pieces of brushes for different calibers, from .17 to 12GA, 20GA, all stored in an organized storage box. This is a great feature and makes storage and maintenance much easier. The brushes are made of durable brass and nylon, so they’ll last a long time. Plus, they’ll help you keep your guns clean and in top condition.

The price is very reasonable compared to similar products, so it’s definitely worth it. The only criticism we have is that the brushes are a bit small for some guns. But overall, this is a great choice for gun owners looking for a quality cleaning solution. So go ahead and give it a try – you won’t regret it!

Light Cleaning – Nylon Bristles are Gentle on Bores

Our Raiseek 13 Pieces Gun Cleaning Bore Brush features light cleaning bristles made from nylon that are gentle on bores. This means that you don’t have to worry about scrubbing too hard and causing any damage. It’s like cleaning your kitchen sink, but for guns. You want to make sure it’s clean without damaging the surface.

The science behind this is that nylon is a soft material that won’t scratch or corrode the bore. It effectively removes dirt, grime, and other debris from the bore without causing any damage. It also works great on removing fouling from the barrel.

Pro Tip – Make sure you use the right size brush for your gun’s bore. You don’t want to use a brush that’s too small and won’t fit inside the bore, or one that’s too big and could damage the bore.

US Patent Design – Bore Cleaning Brushes Fit Most Brands of Rods

Our Raiseek 13 Pieces Bristle Gun Cleaning Bore Brush for Rifle Pistol Shotgun is designed with a US patent to make sure our bore cleaning brushes fit most brands of rods. This is important because it means that you won’t have to worry about finding a specific brush for your gun. It’s like a one size fits all; except in this case it’s one brush fits all!

What’s even better is that the brushes are made from a high quality brass core and nylon bristles. The brass core is important because it won’t damage the gun’s barrel and the nylon bristles are designed to get into all the nooks and crannies of the barrel to get rid of all the dirt and gunk. It’s like a mini deep clean for your gun.

Plus, it comes with an organized storage box, so you can keep all your brushes and rods in one place. Pro tip: Make sure that you keep your brushes and rods in the box after each use to keep them in the best condition.

Looped End – Core Ends Are Looped to Eliminate the Sharp Cut Ends

This amazing product features looped ends. This means that the core ends of the bore brushes are looped in order to avoid sharp cut ends. This is important for gun cleaning because it prevents any damage to the gun when the brush is inserted for cleaning. It’s like the difference between a bear hug and a bear bite! The looped ends are safer for your gun, so you can clean it without worrying about any scratches.

But how does this feature work? Well, the looped ends are designed in a way that the bristles are still able to reach deep into the gun barrels without coming in contact with the metal parts. This ensures that the gun is clean without any scratches or damages.

Pro Tip – Make sure to use the looped end brushes for all your gun cleaning needs. This will help keep your gun in good condition for years to come.

Easy Storage – Convenient Box Features Marked Cavities for Each Caliber

This product is great for keeping your gun cleaning supplies organized. It comes with a convenient box that features marked cavities for each caliber. This way you can find the exact bore brush you need in no time. It’s like having your own personal gun cleaning assistant!

And here’s the science behind it: The box has a lid that can be securely shut so your supplies won’t get mixed up, and the cavities are made of durable plastic that’s designed to last. Plus, the box is also labeled with the corresponding calibers for each brush.

Pro Tip – Make sure you put the brushes back in the right cavity after you’re done to save yourself time later. Keeping your gun cleaning supplies organized and labeled will make your life much easier!

13 Pieces Brushes – .17 Caliber (5/40 Threads), .22/5.56 .243 .250 .270 .30/7.62MM .325 .338 .357/9MM .40/.45 (8/32 Threads)

This product comes with an impressive 13 pieces of brushes, perfect for all your gun cleaning needs! It’s great for rifles, pistols, and shotguns, with brush sizes from .17 caliber (5/40 threads) to .45 caliber (8/32 threads). Plus, all the brushes come in an organized storage box so you’ll never have to worry about losing them.

The importance of this feature can’t be overstated. Cleaning your gun is not only important for safety but also for accuracy. A dirty gun means a less reliable gun, and nobody wants to be that guy at a shooting range with a gun that won’t fire! So, for those who take gun safety seriously, this feature is a must-have.

The science behind this feature is quite simple. The bristles of the brushes are designed to trap gunpowder residue and other gunk from the barrel. This makes it easy to keep your gun clean and running smoothly.

Pro Tip: If you’re having trouble getting into the hard to reach places, use a slightly damp cloth or a cotton swab to clean out the gunk first, before using the brush. This will make it much easier to clean out the gunk and prevent it from clogging the brush.

Review and Score

Our Score: 91/100

I feel that the Raiseek 13 Pieces Bristle Gun Cleaning Bore Brush for Rifle Pistol Shotgun .17 .22/5.56MM .30/7.62MM .357/9MM .40/.45 12GA 20GA in Organized Storage Box is a great gun cleaning tool, and I rate it 91 out of 100. The bristles are rot-resistant and sturdy enough to get into tight corners without splintering off, which makes for easy cleanup afterwards. Additionally, the storage box they come with keeps all my brushes organized – no more searching around every time I need something specific!

The reviews on Amazon from customers also back up this positive opinion; most people have been very happy with their purchase overall saying things like “Well made product”, “Excellent quality brush set” or “My family loves them!” coupled alongside several 5 star ratings from the satisfied buyers leading me to believe that this is indeed an excellent product worthy of recommendation.


After using the Raiseek 13 Pieces Bristle Gun Cleaning Bore Brush for Rifle Pistol Shotgun .17 .22/5.56MM, I can confidently say that this is an essential tool to have in any gun enthusiast’s arsenal. It provided a thorough and easy cleaning experience due to its well-crafted bristles and included storage box which kept my brushes organized between cleanings. And overall it was incredibly affordable, making it a great value purchase!

Tipton Bore Brush Set 13-Piece Rifle

Hey there! If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable gun brush set, then you’ve come to the right place. Today, I’ll be reviewing the Tipton Bore Brush Set 13-Piece Rifle. My review will include a breakdown of product features, pros and cons, and overall value. After reading this review, you’ll have a better understanding of whether this is the right brush set for you. So, let’s get started!

Pros and Cons


  • Helps keep firearms free from dirt and debris, enabling them to function properly.
  • Provides users with a full set of brushes for cleaning the bore of their firearms.
  • Easy to use and store thanks to its lightweight design.
  • Durable bristles provide long-lasting use.
  • The set is designed to fit all calibers, making it a great tool for any gun owner.


  • Brushes may require occasional replacements due to wear and tear.
  • The set does not come with instructions on how to use them correctly.
  • The bristles could scratch the surface of the firearm if used incorrectly.

Quick Verdict

This Tipton Bore Brush Set 13-Piece Rifle is a great buy if you’re looking for a good quality gun brush set. The brushes are made of high-grade steel bristles, which do a great job of cleaning gun barrels without damaging them. The set also includes a handy carrying case, making it easy to take with you wherever you go. The price tag is also very reasonable given the quality of the brushes.

My only minor criticism is that the brushes could be a bit longer for deeper cleaning. All in all, this is a great set for anyone who wants to keep their gun barrels clean and in great condition. So if you’re looking for a good gun brush set, this is definitely worth a buy.

INCLUDES brushes for various caliber firearms

Hey there! This Tipton Bore Brush Set 13-Piece Rifle is great for gun owners who want to keep their firearms in tip-top shape. The best feature of this product is that it includes brushes for various caliber firearms. So, whether you own a .22 caliber rifle or a .45 caliber handgun, you’ll be able to find a brush that fits it in this set.

That means you don’t have to worry about buying a new brush every time you buy a new gun. That’s like, a win-win situation! Plus, you won’t have to spend hours searching for the right brush size.

The science behind it is pretty simple. A bore brush helps to clean the inner surfaces of the firearm barrel, which are highly susceptible to dirt and debris build-up. This build-up can lead to misfires, which is why it’s important to keep your firearm clean. The brushes in this set have sturdy bristles to effectively remove dirt and debris.

Pro Tip: For maximum efficiency, it’s best to use a bore brush with a dedicated gun cleaning solvent. That way, you can be sure your firearm is clean and ready to fire!

Constructed to be Rigid

Are you looking for a reliable cleaning tool for your gun? Look no further than the Tipton Bore Brush Set 13-Piece Rifle! This set features brushes constructed to be extra rigid, so you can get deep into those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. It’s like getting a massage for your gun! Plus, the construction ensures that your brushes are durable and will last through many cleanings.

But why is a rigid brush important? Well, having a brush that is rigid allows for better contact with the surface and more efficient removal of dirt and debris. Plus, the bristle shape helps ensure that gunpowder residue, lead, and other particles get completely removed, so you can keep your gun in prime condition.

Want to take your cleaning to the next level? Here’s a pro tip: Soak your brushes in solvent or cleaner before use. This will help loosen any stubborn particles and make cleaning even more effective.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable and effective cleaning tool, be sure to check out the Tipton Bore Brush Set 13-Piece Rifle. With its rigid construction, your gun will thank you!

Reliable – Nylon Material

When it comes to gun cleaning, you want reliable products that get the job done right. That’s why the Tipton Bore Brush Set 13-Piece Rifle is the perfect choice for gun owners. This set is made with nylon material, making it reliable and durable for all your gun cleaning needs.

The nylon material is perfect for gun cleaning because it can withstand harsh chemicals and abrasive materials. It won’t rust, corrode, or wear down even after multiple uses. Plus, the bristles are designed to clean the firearm without causing damage.

Pro Tip: When it comes to gun cleaning, make sure you use a quality brush like the Tipton Bore Brush Set 13-Piece Rifle. Its reliable, durable, and easy to use, so you can get the job done quickly and safely.

Easily Usable – Molded Hinge-Top Storage Box

Our Tipton Bore Brush Set 13-Piece Rifle comes with an easily usable molded hinge-top storage box, making it the perfect set for all your cleaning needs. Not only does this box help you make sure you don’t misplace any of the pieces, it also makes it easy to access the cleaning tools you need when you need them. That means you won’t have to fumble around in a drawer or try to remember which box you put the brush in. It’s like having your own personal assistant!

The molded hinge-top storage box is made of durable plastic, designed to keep your cleaning tools safe and secure. The locking lid ensures that all your pieces stay in the box when you need them, and the clear cover lets you easily see what you have in the box.

The science behind the box is all about convenience and organization. By making it easy to access the pieces in the set, you can save time and energy on your cleaning projects. Plus, the locking lid prevents the pieces from slipping out and getting lost.

Pro Tip: For extra convenience, you can label each compartment in the box so that you can easily identify the pieces you need for any job. That way, you can quickly grab the pieces you need and get to work on your cleaning project.

Guaranteed by Tipton

The Tipton Bore Brush Set 13-Piece Rifle has a feature that is guaranteed by Tipton. That means you can rest assured that the product will do what it says it will do – clean your bore! And if something does go wrong, you can count on Tipton to be there for you.

It’s like having your own personal guardian angel watching over your cleaning needs. But seriously, this guarantee means that Tipton stands by their product and will replace it or refund you if it doesn’t live up to your expectations.

How does this guarantee actually work? It’s based on the same principle as the laws of thermodynamics – you know, the ones that tell us that energy can’t be created or destroyed, just converted from one form to another. In this case, Tipton’s guarantee is like an invisible form of energy that follows the product and ensures that it will work properly!

Pro Tip: Make sure to store your brush set in a cool, dry place. This will help ensure that the guarantee remains valid!

Review and Score

Our Score: 95/100

Overall, I am satisfied with the Tipton Bore Brush Set 13-Piece Rifle – they definitely justify their price point due to great quality! Since starting to use them on different types of rifles, they’ve proven to be reliable every single time when cleaning all barrels effectively. Therefore, based on my own experience while also considering customer reviews out there, I’m awarding this product 95/100 score as its well deserving of such recognition given how efficient it is within minutes!


All in all, the Tipton Bore Brush Set 13-Piece Rifle is a must-have for any gun enthusiast’s toolkit. It offers top quality bristles and materials making it highly durable and effective when cleaning your firearms. This set also includes various sizes to fit almost any caliber firearm so you won’t have to worry about compatibility. Highly recommended!


Are bronze bore brushes safe?

Bronze bore brushes are generally safe for gun cleaning. They are softer than the barrel’s steel and won’t cause damage when used properly. However, excessive force or aggressive scrubbing can potentially harm the barrel, so it’s essential to use them gently.

What is the best material for a bore brush?

Bronze and phosphor bronze are among the best materials for bore brushes. They effectively remove fouling and debris without damaging the barrel. Nylon brushes are gentler and can be used for delicate surfaces, while stainless steel brushes are more aggressive and suitable for tougher cleaning tasks.

What kind of brush should I use to clean my gun?

Use a bore brush made of bronze or phosphor bronze to clean the gun’s barrel. For other parts, such as the chamber and smaller components, use appropriate brushes designed for the specific cleaning needs and material compatibility.

Are brass bore brushes safe?

Yes, brass bore brushes are safe for gun cleaning. They are softer than the barrel’s steel and won’t cause damage when used correctly. However, avoid excessive force or over-scrubbing to prevent potential harm to the firearm.

Who makes the best bore brushes?

Several reputable brands manufacture high-quality bore brushes. Some popular choices include Hoppe’s, Otis Technology, Pro-Shot, and Dewey. The best bore brush brand may vary depending on individual preferences and the specific firearm being cleaned.

Which is better, stainless steel, or brass brush?

The choice between stainless steel and brass brushes depends on the cleaning task. Brass brushes are softer and less likely to damage the barrel, making them ideal for routine cleaning. Stainless steel brushes are more aggressive and suitable for removing stubborn fouling and heavily caked residues.

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