Gun Cleaning Courses

When it comes to gun cleaning, you can spend many hours doing research or take a gun cleaning course. The latter will teach you everything in the quickest manner possible. There are gun cleaning courses available in person and online, so which is best?


Online Gun Cleaning Courses

Online gun cleaning courses are available to help gun owners learn how to properly clean their own firearms. The proper procedures for disassembling, reassembling and lubricating a weapon will also be covered in these courses.

A person who has never cleaned a gun before should probably take the course with the assistance of an experienced family member or friend, which is why many online gun cleaning courses offer video tutorials. People who have taken one of these classes can begin applying what they’ve learned right away by cleaning their own weapon.

The popularity of these instructional videos continues to grow as more people are looking for ways to save time and money. Learning how to do it yourself means you’ll always know exactly how your firearm operates when it’s needed the most.

In the past, gun owners would have to take their weapon to a local shop for a thorough cleaning. The price didn’t include disassembling and reassembling a weapon, so this was an additional charge. People who were going hunting over the weekend would have to choose between leaving their gun with a mechanic or running the risk of being late.

Now that these courses are available online, people no longer have to worry about any of those things happening again. You can learn everything you need from instructors whose videos will guide you through each step of the process from start to finish.

It’ll be much easier for new gun owners who want to familiarize themselves with all types of firearms as well as more experienced folks who just enjoy tinkering around on their own.

Currently this website only has a couple of pages that cover How to Clean Your Shotgun, How to Clean Your Pistol and How to Clean Guns: Gun Cleaning Tools Explained & 11 Step Guide to a DIY Gun Cleaning Kit. There are some older posts but the newer posts are more in depth and accurate.

In the future, we too will offer videos on how to clean rifles, pistols, and shotguns, as well as a PDF you will be able to download that goes through the basic steps for cleaning rifles, handguns, and shotguns. So, be sure to check back often.

That brings up another free possibility and that is doing a search on YouTube for how to clean your specific gun. But, the advantage of taking a paid course or a free course from a respected instructor or business is that you can apply what you learn from that course to just about any gun that you want to clean.

In Person

In Person Gun Cleaning Courses

The answer differs depending on your situation. You should consider several factors prior to signing up for any gun cleaning course. These include the location of the training facility, price, what is included in tuition, whether you need to buy additional supplies and if there are discounts for additional family members.

As long as you do research beforehand, you should be able to find a gun cleaning course that works well for your needs. Gun cleaning classes are conducted by gun dealers, gunsmiths and gun clubs. There may also be courses available from military bases or law enforcement agencies, so you should consider taking a gun class if there is one offered in your area.

One other thing, some courses may require that you bring in your own gun that needs to be cleaned. Either that, or they will offer to provide a gun for cleaning but that may come at a higher cost for using one or two of their guns.

Gun cleaning can be dangerous work due to the use of solvents and the potential for an accidental discharge during reassembly. If this concerns you, then you should take both gun safety and gun cleaning courses. The majority of gun classes include lessons on how to safely handle firearms as well as tips for getting the best results when it comes to maintenance and repair issues. These will vary depending on whether they’re online or offline.

From what I’ve seen from a quick search online most gun cleaning courses will include a basic gun cleaning kit that you can take home with you at the end of the course.

Probably the biggest limitation will be the distance you are willing to go to attend a gun cleaning course. If you are in or near a large metropolis there will most likely be more than one course or location available. However, if you live in the middle of nowhere in the west you may have to drive several hundred miles to attend a 2-3 hour course.

Since I don’t want to favor one course over another, I will instead give you the NRA’s page Find an NRA Training Course near you. You can put in your zip code and select a search radius to see what is available in your area.

Be sure that you also do a google search for “gun cleaning courses” because I even found some in person gun cleaning courses that were offered for free. Of course, you are probably going to be at a venue where they may be selling something at the same time, but if they are giving free instruction then why not?

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