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Gunsmiths Near Me colorado springs

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Welcome to Colorado Springs, a city nestled against the stunning Rocky Mountain backdrop, where the passion for firearms thrives.

Within this vibrant metropolis, you’ll discover a variety of exceptional gun stores that cater to the diverse needs of firearm enthusiasts.

Whether you’re an experienced shooter, a first-time buyer, or simply curious about firearms, Colorado Springs’ gun stores provide a haven for those seeking top-quality firearms, expert guidance, and a welcoming community.

Step into these well-appointed establishments and embark on a journey that combines the art of selecting firearms with the spirit of the Old West.

Here, in the heart of Colorado Springs, you’ll find a rich appreciation for firearms and a wealth of knowledge waiting to be shared.


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Phone Number: (719)495-5834

Address: 7111 McLaughlin Rd, Peyton, CO 80831

Spartan Defense Armory & Training

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Phone Number: (719)917-1776

Address: 6130 Barnes Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80922

Bulldog Armory


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Located in beautiful Colorado, our family owned and operated shop will be your new favorite firearm hangout.

With every transaction, respect, trust and quality is our goal.

Phone Number: (714)330-5963

Address: 1619 Lashelle Way, Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Cornerstone Arms

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We carry a good selection of a variety of Firearms, Because this is our company we won’t carry something we wouldn’t be comfortable with our loved ones or ourselves carrying…

Phone Number: (719)684-5125

Address: 15580 Falcon Ridge Ct, Colorado Springs, CO 80921

Cooks Gun Repair Customizing LLC

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Cook’s Gun Repair and Customizing is a comprehensive gunsmith and cerakote shop located in Colorado Springs, CO.

We are proud to hold a full license as a Class III Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealer, enabling us to assist with all your FFL transfers.

Our team includes an American Gun Institute (AGI) certified gunsmith, specializing in the repair and customization of rifles, shotguns, and handguns.

Additionally, we offer the opportunity to create custom ARs tailored to your specifications. Equipped with the necessary machinery, we are capable of performing various repairs and custom modifications.

Whether you have concerns about your firearm’s functionality or you desire to personalize it with a custom cerakote design, we encourage you to reach out to us by phone or visit our shop for a discussion.

Phone Number: (719)201-7886

Address: 575 Valley St space 8, Colorado Springs, CO 80915

Last Thought

As you leave this page, remember that Colorado Springs’ gun stores offer more than just shopping—they provide a gateway to a passionate firearms community.

Connect with knowledgeable staff, embrace education, and respect the power of firearms. Engage in events, training, and clubs to forge lasting connections.

Explore the wide selection, find your perfect firearm, and appreciate the heritage and craftsmanship.

Enjoy the journey through Colorado Springs’ dynamic firearms community.

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