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Welcome to Fort Collins, a city surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the Rocky Mountains, where the passion for firearms thrives.

Within this vibrant community, you’ll discover an array of exceptional gun stores that cater to the diverse needs of firearm enthusiasts.

Whether you’re an experienced shooter, a first-time buyer, or simply curious about firearms, Fort Collins’ gun stores provide a haven for those seeking top-quality firearms, expert guidance, and a warm and welcoming community.

Step into these well-appointed establishments and embark on a journey that combines the art of selecting firearms with the spirit of the Old West.

Here in the heart of Fort Collins, you’ll find a rich appreciation for firearms, where knowledge and admiration flourish amidst the Colorado landscape

On Point Arms LLC


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“The best Firearms Shop is here. We have a great selection of products for all your needs.

We invite you to browse through our online store for a pleasant and efficient shopping experience.

Our customer service department would be more than happy to provide you with assistance, ideas, or special service.

Feel free to pick up the phone with any questions you have and we’ll be glad to help.”

Phone Number: (970)460-9952

Address: 8280 White Owl Ct, Windsor, CO 80550

Tacticool Arms, LLC


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Established in 2012, Tacticool Arms proudly operates as a veteran-owned business.

While our expertise lies in the AR Platform, we provide a comprehensive range of services including Cerakote application, Gunsmithing, Training, Ammunition supply, NFA Services (Class 3), Private-party transfers, online transfers, and much more.

Phone Number: (970)371-2336

Address: 928 13th St #5, Greeley, CO 80631

Liberty Firearms Institute


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Step into Liberty Firearms Institute, the leading gun range in northern Colorado, where we prioritize exceptional customer experiences. Our reputation is built upon the following core values:

  • Providing quality products and education at competitive prices.
  • Promoting the belief that educated firearm owners are safe owners.

As a family-owned gun range located in Northern Colorado, we offer a wide range of amenities within our facility.

From dining options to comprehensive shooting classes, our facility is thoughtfully designed to provide a gun range experience that is unparalleled.

Phone Number: (970)578-0717

Address: 4990 Ronald Reagan Blvd, Johnstown, CO 80534

Brown Bear Guns


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Phone Number: (970)631-9286

Address: 7049 Kremers Ln, Laporte, CO 80535

Last Thought

As you leave this page, keep in mind that in Fort Collins, Colorado, gun stores offer more than just a shopping experience—they serve as a gateway to a thriving firearms community.

Connect with experienced and knowledgeable staff, immerse yourself in educational opportunities, and maintain a deep respect for the power and responsibility that firearms entail. Engage in events, training programs, and clubs to build lasting connections with fellow firearm enthusiasts.

Explore the diverse selection available to find the perfect firearm that suits your needs, and take the time to appreciate the rich heritage and craftsmanship behind these firearms.

Enjoy the exciting journey through Fort Collins’ dynamic firearms community, where passion and camaraderie thrive.

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