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Discover expert tips, step-by-step tutorials, and top-quality product recommendations to ensure your guns stay clean, safe, and dependable. Whether you own rifles, shotguns, or pistols, we’re here to help you maintain peak performance and extend the lifespan of your firearms for a satisfying shooting experience.

  • How To Clean Brass Casings

    How To Clean Brass Casings

    Do you need to clean your brass casings before reloading it? The answer is always YES! And here’s the reason. When you fire the trigger and the brass hits the ground (or even if you have one of those nifty brass traps attached to your semi-automatic rifle), it has a strong potential to catch tiny…

  • What are Jags used for in Gun Cleaning?

    What are Jags used for in Gun Cleaning?

      Are you confused about what Jags are used for in gun cleaning? Look no further. We have you here! A jag is a simple attachment that is attached to the end of the cleaning rod. To get their job done, they tend to be sharp and pointed. They are tapered cleaner attachments and will…

  • Best Way to Clean Gun Magazines

    Best Way to Clean Gun Magazines

    The best way to clean a gun magazine is a question I get a lot, and there’s never a perfect answer. It really depends on what kind of gun you have, how much time you have, how dirty it has gotten, and the materials that are available to you at the time. In this tutorial,…

  • How To Remove Gun Rust

    How To Remove Gun Rust

    What is Rust? Rust is the most common form of corrosion. It happens when iron or steel oxidizes (meaning it combines with oxygen) in the presence of water. The rust that forms is a rough, protective layer on the metal that doesn’t stop further corrosion from happening. Rust perforation is a type of corrosion that…

  • Cleaning Gun Stocks

    Cleaning Gun Stocks

    Safety First Whenever you clean your gun stock, it’s important to remember that some materials can easily catch on fire. For example, if you use a cloth that has been soaked in linseed oil or shellac, make sure you store it in a safe place where it can’t start a fire. It’s also important to…

  • Cleaning Gun Silencers

    Cleaning Gun Silencers

    In the past gun silencers have been used mainly by gun enthusiasts and hunters looking for a way to reduce gun noise when hunting. However, in recent years gun silencers have become more popular due to increased gun control legislation in some areas. For a short history on gun silencers check out the wikipedia page…

  • Top 10 Gun Cleaning Don’ts

    Top 10 Gun Cleaning Don’ts

    1. Don’t Clean the Gun Until You First Check to Make Sure the Gun is Unloaded This may be a common mistake committed by new gun owners, and it is one of the biggest mistakes you can commit. There are several things that could happen if you forget to do this. You can shoot yourself,…

  • Gun Cleaning Courses

    Gun Cleaning Courses

    When it comes to gun cleaning, you can spend many hours doing research or take a gun cleaning course. The latter will teach you everything in the quickest manner possible. There are gun cleaning courses available in person and online, so which is best? Online Online gun cleaning courses are available to help gun owners…

  • Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner

    Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner

    Cleaning your firearms is an important part of gun ownership. It helps to ensure that your weapon is functioning properly and will be accurate when you need it most. Traditionally, firearms have been cleaned using various solvents and abrasives, which can be messy and time consuming. Recently, a new type of gun cleaning has become…

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