How to clean your Pistol/Handgun

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The first thing to pay attention to is whether your gun is loaded. You should always ensure that there is no ammunition inside and that you’ve double-checked that there’s no bullet stuck anywhere in the barrel. This simple action can save lives and every gun manufacturer out there should have told you these things even before you’ve purchased one or during basic training.

It is advisable to place the gun on a gun cleaning pad like the one pictured above. You will also need a quality handgun rod.

Now that you’ve made sure that there are no bullets inside, disassemble your gun. With most handguns, you won’t need to go any further with the disassembling process once you’ve located the barrel.

Remember that debris left inside of your gun mostly consists out of toxic materials that might harm your olfactory senses, in the most brutal of cases, even daze you.

Make sure that you’re cleaning your gun either outside, where there’s enough fresh air or in a place that is ventilated, also, always ensure that there are no children or distractions around.

You don’t want them disturbing your concentration when matters such as these are concerned.

Now that we have the basics covered, it’s time to get through the grunt work.

The main part that needs cleaning in a handgun is its bore (inside of the barrel). Take your bore brush, apply a gun solvent to it and carefully scrub back and forth.

Once you’re done with the scrubbing (it won’t take more than four to five times), remove the bore brush and apply a patch. You’ll have to use two to three patches in order for the end result to be satisfiable.

The last patch you use, lubricate it with oil and run it through the gun, that will ensure that your gun is not only clean but that it will also perform better the next time you’re about to go in for the kill.

After that, leave everything to dry for ten to twenty minutes and when the time has come, assemble your gun once more and put it back into its case.

That’s It

Congratulations, you’ve just cleaned your handgun for the first time! You can also check the link for an alternative guide.

Must be feeling proud of yourself, eh? When we think of the faces trainees had after they were done with the job, pride was the first thing we’ve picked up on their gleeful faces.

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge of how to clean your handgun, you’re ready to feast your eyes upon what to use whilst cleaning your handgun.

We’ll be featuring four of the best pistol/handgun cleaning kits out there and we hope that you’ll find them useful in your hunting journey just as we did! 

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