How to clean your Shotgun

Here is how to clean your shotgun.

1) Unload all of your bullets

This should go without saying, you don’t want a dead body on your hands, do you?

In the police, trainees are always encouraged to aim at a low place, such as a small garbage can with their weapon, while unloading.

So should you, if the safety of your own life and others meaning anything to you.

Having a shotgun cleaning kit will help you tremendously with the cleaning of your shotgun.

2) Break the shotgun down in parts

Before wiping your weapon or applying any sort of cleaning appliance, you first wanna disassemble your shotgun into its primary pieces.

Now that you have everything ready, use a wiping cloth and go over all the parts you have disassembled.

3) Apply a Solvent

Don’t apply just any solvent, search one out that is compatible with the gun type you’re cleaning, in this case, a shotgun and use it to cover all the parts that are unclean. Check which are the best gun cleaning solvents.

Wait it out for a bit and after ten to fifteen minutes, you take out your cleaning brush and do the following,

4) Use the Cleaning Brush to Scrub All The Parts Doused In Solvents

Now it’s time to scrub the hell out of your shotgun! Don’t apply the brush (which will most likely be made of bronze) too hard but don’t go soft on your gun either.

Make sure to remove all layers of residue while scrubbing and don’t forget to wipe afterward.

Speaking of wiping, this is what you do next.

5) Wipe Once More!

Use patches (on harder to clean surfaces) or wiping cloths to clean your entire shotgun once more. Some parts will require doing this entire process (solvent, waiting and cleaning) multiple times until you have removed all residue from your shotgun.

6) Apply Oil

Now that your shotgun is cleaned thoroughly, apply oil on parts which should be oiled up. You can find out the exact list of parts by contacting your manufacturer or reading the manual that came with your shotgun.

If you want to not do a mess while applying oil, use a gun pad.

7) Special Parts of the Shotgun

These are your barrel and the chamber inside of the shotgun.

Regarding the barrel, simply soak your cloth in cleaning solvent and run it through, that should do the trick.

However, with the chamber inside of your gun, a pick is required to clean all the residue.

Just keep that in mind while you’re cleaning your shotgun.

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