How To Disassemble and Reassemble Beretta 92 Series Magazine

First, remove the magazine from the gun and remove any live rounds that might be in it.

Another safety measure is to where protective gun glasses as the springs within the magazine are under pressure and can fly out fast enough to damage your eyes or someone else’s if they are in the area.

You can also watch the video on on YouTube

Second, press in the small hole in the middle of the base plate

and slide the base plate towards the front.

While doing this your thumb will naturally cover the spring that is under tension. You don’t want it to fly out and hurt you or someone else.

Third, after you have removed the base plate extract the spring.

Fourth, turn over the magazine and lightly tap the bullet feed and it will fall out the bottom of the magazine.

That is how to disassemble a Beretta 92 series magazine.

For reassembly, it is just the opposite.

First, insert the bullet feed into the bottom of the magazine. The beveled side of the feed

is facing in the direction of the large gap in the top of the magazine. Let it slide to the top of the magazine.

Second, insert the spring into the base of the magazine. The base has two square corners and two rounded corners and it should match that when in place. As the spring is placed in the magazine it will come under tension so you will need to hold it in place with a finger or your thumb.

Third, slide the base plate into the grooves on the bottom of the magazine while pushing down on the spring assembly so it slides paste the protrusion. Once it clicks in place you have assembled the 92 series magazine.

Something I noticed when making this video is that the magazine needed cleaning. If you want to see how to clean gun magazines, and the 92 series Beretta magazines specifically you can watch the YouTube video here or you can read the article on our website: Best Way to Clean Gun Magazine.

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